Our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World“ is a free, interactive, practice-oriented online course on (social) entrepreneurship, delivered with the support of openSAP. To date, the course has already provided over 15,000 students and professionals from all over the world with the practical and scientific expertise needed to empower them to launch their own startups. By working on real, problem-based cases from China, Mexico and Germany, learners are trained to resolve global social issues using entrepreneurial means. For this reason, the MOOC also serves as a prerequisite for all participants in our Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) program.

What can you expect? The MOOC combines the best of both worlds. It contains talks given by expert speakers on their areas of expertise and specialization. At the same time, the MOOC features consistent voices who tie the lessons together, provide points for personal reflection and set expectations for our learners’ exploration of the entire MOOC experience.

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Speakers (Selection)

This MOOC features internationally renowned scientists, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs presenting their experiences and expertise in social entrepreneurship. These lectures aim to serve as the foundation for the creation of social start-up models. Have a look at a selection of our speakers.

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Course Structure

The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) MOOC presents a fast-paced, comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship aimed at shaping a better world. The curriculum was crafted to mirror the entrepreneurial experience, with each session building upon the learning of the prior ones.  The MOOC is unique because you will learn directly from the expertise and experiences of world-renowned entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, experts, and scholars from around the world.


Entrepreneurship to Foster Societal Change

The first step frames the concept of entrepreneurship to foster societal change. The lessons define entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Beyond these theoretical and practical frameworks, you will see two special additions to the start of the MOOC. Firstly, we have a special invited speaker to discuss the current state of social entrepreneurship, Nobel Prize recipient and social business expert, Muhammad Yunus.  In addition, there will be presented  three modern problem cases of migration in three areas: Europe China, and Mexico.

Deep Dive into Problem Solving and Ideation

The second section builds upon the foundation of first lessons by introducing social impact, social purpose, and the overall value of social entrepreneurship.  You will also start developing your core skills through an introduction to need finding, ideation, and design thinking.

Innovative Thinking, Approaches and Business Modelling

This part centers on helping you to move from ideation and towards being able to put your idea into action.  You will learn about social innovation, business models, value propositions, lean startup methods, and initial phase troubleshooting.

Preparation and Testing

This section presents a series of learning units that will prepare you for the real challenges of entrepreneurship, starting with a real-life, real-time perspective of being a social entrepreneur. Then, this part moves into the topics of prototyping, pivoting, problem-solving, and  resilience.

Storytelling and Motivating

The fifth part builds on refining your initiative into a unified “story” through presenting learning units aimed to help you tell the story of your idea and build a marketing campaign, so you can promote your idea and crowdfund its growth. The second part of this section centers on how to keep yourself motivated, motivate others, and build productive teams.

Scaling Sustainably

The final part of the course addresses scaling, financing, and rebuilding from failures. These sessions will also include a discussion on other outlooks on entrepreneurial learning and the pathways to use your new skills and mindset.

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