GESS is coming up…

Munich: Anja and Julia are just organizing the final details for the catering. David in Mexico City is preparing the first team matching game. In Shanghai, AndiA is finalizing the last details before the students arrive – it’s Monday and the last week of preparation of Global Entrepreneurship Summer School has just started! On Saturday, GESS will begin and for the first time it will take place simultaneously at three sites: Munich, Shanghai and Mexico City.

All over the world students have to pack their bags now and get ready for their next challenge! There is for example Kenza from Morocco, who is studying in China and will participate at the GESS in Munich. Or Luise who is originally from Germany, now studying in the Netherlands, and is going to Mexico City. All in all, 105 young entrepreneurs from 54 countries were chosen to participate at GESS from over 600 applicants.

Within 7 days, these talents will develop innovative and impact-driven solutions to face the challenges of “migration”. The topic has many facets: Europe has many challenges caused by the strong immigrant waves and is dealing with “forced migration”. In China thousands of people have to leave their countryside home to work in the big cities called “rural-to-urban migration”.  Mexico is confronted with many inhabitants leaving the country in hope of a better life – “economic migration”.

Stay tuned and be excited what the students will come up with!


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