SHANGHAI: Sharing the chinese dream

Shanghai was the first site to open up GESS today. Focusing on the topic migration, 35 students from 25 countries together with entrepreneurship mentors will work in groups in the coming 7 days and 6 nights to “change the world with entrepreneurship”.

There is for example Cindy from Germany, who is one of the first students who signed up for this summer school. Two years ago she travelled around the world and after this journey she fell deeply in love with Asia. She hopes that through this summer school she can find a reliable entrepreneurial idea to connect Europe and Asia. Kholdorov (Kholdorov Umidjon) from Uzbekistan, who has his own venture company, hopes that through his study in Shanghai, some of Asia’s top ideas can be introduced in his home country.

Shanghai opened up with a very special ceremony: the students left their unique palmprints in Tongji University, already leaving something traces behind.

For Shanghai, the GESS is the first step of China on the road to the international innovative entrepreneurship. Here, the Eastern and Western cultures meet, and global innovation ideas get in contact with each other. Moreover, the whole world experiences the Chinese dream, and a new generation of students will get the chance to change the world.

Let’s see how this dream evolves….




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