MEXICO CITY: Andy, Frida and Coyoacàn

A very long Sunday started with a lecture by Rafael on how to define the user and its very specific problems by means of a “problem statement”. During the short time in which the teams applied this approach to their own projects, we quickly realized how difficult it is to be as specific and concrete as possible about the target group and the diversity of problems they do face.

Andy Goldstein’s lecture on “Entrepreneurial Thinking for Societal Change” was delivered live in the morning in Munich and via Skype to Shanghai. In Mexico City it was eight hours later that we watched the taped video and were able to ask him questions in a follow-up Q&A. Mauricio from Mexico asked Andy how to develop a sustainable and profitable business model in social entrepreneurship. According to Andy social business is like every business about creating value to people. Thus what is the value of the business that you want to offer? What would a success look like e.g. what would it “save” the users? Even though it is difficult to quantify numbers, always have a look at the numbers.

After lunch we went to Coyoacàn which is in the south of Mexico City. Some of the participants went to the Frida Kahlo museum, others walked around the Jardin Centenario, visiting the markets, observing Mexican families on their Sunday walk. Timo from Germany bought a vase from a street vendor that was made of an old Sprite can. He got engaged in a talk with this man who had been living in USA for over 25 years before he got deported. We might learn more about this migrant’s story in the next days… Stay tuned!



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