MUNICH: Refugees are experts…

It‘s six o‘ clock in the evening and the group in Munich is sitting around some logs of wood, having a fireside chat. The social impact expert for this evening is Wolfgang and he guides the students through the experience of the 2nd day of GESS. The day started with a session on entrepreneurial thinink, delivered by the executive director of the LUM Entrepreneurship Center, Andy Goldstein. The session was transferred to Shanghai simultaneously and will be streamed in Mexico later. The students in Munich continued the day with a field trip: visiting refugee camps and other related institutions in Munich. Now, the day will be closed with all the experiences that the students made on the 2nd day of the GESS. One student from Pakistan, who met a ‘newcomer’ from Afghanistan, notes: „He sold his house and walked to Europe by foot. I flew here…“ The group agrees that being a refugee requires a lot of skills. Or as Wolfgang put it: “Refugees are experts in things we even don’t know about. Much more than we actually know…”

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