MUNICH: The best ideas come from crazy ideas

Looking at the creative hall today (the room in which the Munich GESS takes place ), we saw it to be full of post-its and drawings, and the walls were plastered with posters. Today, it was time for the ideation phase for the students: No idea was too wild to be considered! The task at hand was to find 3 solutions to the problem the students chose to focus on. Since there are 7 teams in Munich, there were 7 problems in the room, waiting to be solved. During their working process, the students received input on how to validate ideas. At the end of the day the ideas ranged from craftsmanship projects for refugees to building a music academy. To sum it up – if you want to create an idea worth a billion dollars you’ll have to start with a small idea but dream big. The day closed with a rally around the city , in which the students got to solve a riddle while touring Munich.



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