SHANGHAI: Enhance creativity and produce commercial value

In the morning of 12th September, 33 students from the GESS arrived at the lecture hall on the 4th floor of the Sino-Finnish Center at ZhangWu campus of Tongji University, to listen to the lecture “Inspire Creativity and Make Commercial Value”. The lecture was held by Dr. Su Yunsheng, R&D Director of Jingwei Group.

Dr. Su said that creativity can be simply concluded as innovative thoughts or ideas. It is a unique way of thinking, a special idea or theory; a distinctive point of view or a particular perspective. It is the antithesis of average and mediocrity. It is shown in many ways, in cultural works, in daily life. Creativity is everywhere.
Dr. Su stressed that the first thing to understand is the industrial and commercial civilization which crossed three oceans (the Atlantic era, the Pacific era and the Indian Ocean era). According to him,  China has excluded itself from the outside world and therefore missed opportunities for development of the industrial revolution. After one hundred years of struggling, it became from an undeveloped to a “made-in-China” industrial country. Dr. Su pointed out that China will be the forerunner of the world when it Comes to innovation. This will be an inexorable law governing the global development.

After his one and a half hours speech, Dr. Su made some detailed and brilliant response to the questions raised by students such as the opportunities and challenges between development of the future and the inheritance of the past. Hopefully all the listeners could learn about the core of this, to create commercial value and apply it to future projects.


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