MEXICO CITY: Innovation Tools & Inspiration

On the fourth day of our program most teams started with the ideas and solutions that were developed on the day before. One team, that wanted to explore more ideas, used brainstorming to come up with more and diverse ideas for their problem area. All teams were asked to talk at least with two other teams for feedback. Many teams benefitted from this approach since it helped them with the decision-making process to vote for the “one” solution to actually implement.
Rafael presented the low-resolution prototyping tool of storyboard. It can be used to visualize your solution to an audience that can tell you if your assumptions about the Who? What? Where? of your design makes sense. Before lunch the teams presented their storyboards or business models. No questions were allowed this time because everyone was starving 😉
After lunch we listened to our expert Ury Sarabia, CEO from, on the #LeanStartup approach for building products and services using scientific metrics and thereby avoiding waste of resources. Based on his own experience he advised the teams to regard technology as “just a means to an end”.
The teams continued working on their business models and/or storyboards after Ury’s lecture for some time. In the late afternoon Enrique Rodriguez and Jimena Reyeros from the social startup SOMEONE SOMEWHERE introduced us to their great social business on perdurable goods that are manufactured by the 7 million Mexican artisans living in poverty. Have a look at their homepage that was JUST LAUNCHED minutes after their presentation!!

Looking for the stores in Mexico City who sell the gorgeous shirt “La Playa” ;-))

Buenas noches!


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