MUNICH: Get one – give one

Have you ever heard of soulbottles or TOMS shoes? What actually is the status quo of your startup and what’s beyond that? Today in Munich it’s all about business modelling and prototyping. The students are challenged to look behind the obvious: “Question the status quo, think beyond what is on the market at the moment! – If you want to achieve great impact you have to change the rules!” So far so good, but how can impact be created? One example is the concept GET ONE – GIVE ONE: If you buy a pair of shoes at TOMS, they will donate a pair of shoes to people in need. The students are encouraged to put their idea into something tangible: one team for example, just built a website that promotes refugees‘ stories. At the end of the day, the students have to present their ideas to students from the BMW foundation’s firm Kiron, and get feedback from them. The feedback was so extensive and rich, the crowd couldn’t stop talking…




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