SHANGHAI: Study on urbanization

The GESS in Shanghai started the 5th day with a lecture: The Study on the issue of public service in the process of urbanization in China. The lecture was given by the incumbent chairman of the College of International Cultural Communication in Tongji University and vice chairman of the College of Policy and International Relationship. President Liu gave 4 questions to examine the students’ basic perception on China nowadays: Have you come to China before? Which part of China? How do you feel about the urban or rural areas in China? Most students stated that they hadn’t been to China except some few of them. President Liu encouraged them to get to know more about China taking advantage of the chance and she happily expressed that they could go to her college if they wanted to learn Chinese. About the issues of public service in the process of urbanization in China, President Liu thought that improving the mechanism of public service, promoting the equilibrium of fundamental public service are both urgent matters. Urbanization is an important approach to benefit the nation’s economy and people’s livelihood. The future society will be more harmonious and stable only by promoting the construction of new-style city. The whole lecture is relaxing and pleasant and the students asked question from time to time. President Liu answered their questions patiently and interacted with them. After the lecture, President Liu and the students posed for photographs, leaving the scene impressing and memorable.


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