MUNICH: Pitching time

Today, there is a lot of excitement in the creative hall. It’s time for the mid-term pitches: The students in Munich have to pitch in front of a jury for the very first time, receiving feedback from a jury on their  solution to migration. Before the pitches though  then students were given traning on how to deliver a pitch. Even though a pitch usuallay only lasts one to three minutes, there is still a lot to consider: Dominik Domnik, CFO of the Social Entrepreneurship Akadmie, explains “Pitching is like flirting – the first impression counts!”
After some hours of preparation it was finally the time to pitch. Every team had three minutes to pitch and got five minutes of feedback from the jury. Understandably, the students were nervous before getting up on stage, but they received a lot of constructive and useful feedback. In the end it all turned out well… “Impressive” was  the word that was actually used the most by our jury. Still there is some space for improvement concerning the solutions…
We closed the day with the SAP sponsored dinner – just like the guys in Mexico City will do a few hours later. The students got to try Bavarian dishes like “Saubraten” or “Krautwickel”. Of course there was also a vegetarian alternative! 🙂


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