SHANGHAI: Funds and roundtables

On Sept. 14th, GESS has come to a hot stage. The schedule on the morning has been divided into two parts.
Early in the morning, 35 participants came to Venture Valley located in Zhang Wu campus, Tongji university, to attend the lecture given by Doctor Zhan Pengpeng, the CEO of Cross border Angel platform, whose topic was “How to raise funds”. Dr. Zhan is a successful investor and manager with rich experience. He actively introduced how to raise funds in the most effective way. Before the speech, Dr. Zhan took four failed cases as examples and explained the reasons as well as how to get funds successfully. To vividly introduce his ideas, Dr. Zhan asked listeners to persuade him to invest in their programs. Dr. Zhan pointed out that the key to raise funds is to know what the investors want, possible profits and market perspective. At the beginning of raising funds, it’s important to communicate with investors. The participants all did a good job and won much applause. Dr. Zhan attracted everyone with his humor and passion.
The second part, a roundtable of Chinese and foreign young entrepreneurs, was the key point of today’s course. The organizers aimed at teaching participants win-win minds through 30-min team discussion of the two teams. Mr. Jiangke, the manager of WoChuang, Mr. Wangbo, the manager of Xnode and Mr. Pan Yu, the founder of Scientific Compass Platform all joined the discussion. After a short introduction of three guests, team members, the crowd was highly engaged in an effective discussion. The teachers were very responsible and participants were very conscientious.


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